Why You NEED to Try a Food Subscription Box

Why You Should Try a Food/Meal Subscription Box – Especially During the Quarantine 

The current COVID-19 pandemic era we are living through has certainly changed a lot of our society’s lifestyle habits. We’ve been stuck at home for a long time now and have had to readjust everything to navigate this new way of living. With trying to juggle work, life, relationships, kids, pets, rest and entertainment all from our homes, finding ways to simplify any and everything has been key!

One thing that can become an especially burdensome task on top of everything else is meal planning. It is the last thing you want to think about after that Zoom meeting that went over by a half an hour, the kids left a trail of toys around the whole house and the dog tracked dirt in from outside all over rug that perhaps needed a good cleaning anyway, but that’s beside the point.

Enter food subscription services! They can provide sweet relief by taking meal and snack prep off your to-do list. There are several different types of food subscription boxes out there right now to meet any and all food needs.

These product offerings are only predicted to grow in the coming months and years as we continue to adjust the way we live too. There are boxes that cover all meal needs from breakfast and lunch to dinner. There are snack boxes for any kind of craving too. If you have specific dietary needs such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or keto, you won’t have trouble finding boxes either as many cater to these health and lifestyle choices.

If you’re unfamiliar with how meal subscriptions work, they often have similar characteristics of regular subscription boxes, especially the snack box options. That type of box will often be a selection of surprise items all valued well under retail price that will change for each delivery.

For actual meal subscriptions, they will either send you fully prepared meals or a recipe with fully prepped ingredients that will take minimal time to prepare. These types of subscriptions will often let you choose the meals you’re receiving so you can ensure it will be what sounds good to eat. Meal subscriptions can be set up as weekly deliveries rather than the monthly delivery that is typical with a snack box. Either way, you’re bringing convenience right to your doorstep!

If you need more convincing why it’s a good time to try a meal or snack subscription box, here are a few of my top reasons to consider them:

  • Necessary trips to the grocery store have become inconvenient and harder to navigate.
  • Items in stock at the grocery store can be hit or miss.
  • Prep work for meals is typically very time consuming when you have a lot of other things to juggle.
  • The meal subscriptions help save on purchasing excess ingredients as they include just the right amount for the recipe so there is less wasted food.
  • There is often great value and savings, especially with the snack boxes.
  • They are nice alternative to dining out when you can’t, especially with the fully prepared meals.
  • They give you an opportunity to try new things which is really nice in this era where we aren’t able to experience as much fun and entertainment.

Here are a few of our favorite subscription boxes that cover all the categories I mentioned above that are absolutely worth trying……….

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