6 Reasons Subscription Boxes Make Perfect Last Minute Gifts

Have you completed all your holiday shopping yet? Checked everyone off your list?? Christmas is coming up quickly. We’re going to blink and it will be here, really! I always try to get all my shopping done ahead of time, but inevitably, there are a few gifts that I wait and end up getting last minute. It never fails! So of course subscription boxes come straight to mind as the perfect solution for last-minute gifting needs. Aside from the fact that there is literally an option out there for every single person on your list, they make such an easy and thoughtful option, especially when you’re short on time.

Here are six reasons why we think all you last-minute-shoppers should consider gifting a subscription box and then a few of our favorite options to get you started with inspiration too! Happy last minute-gifting!

1. You could literally purchase this in the final hour before your gift exchange and still show up with a thoughtful gift. The boxes might arrive after Christmas, but all you’d have to do is put together a card with the subscription information printed nicely and boom! A fun and anticipatory surprise gift that your recipient will eagerly await!

2. They take minimal time to shop for and gift. They really couldn’t be any easier to purchase and send. Our subscription box directory (located here) is categorized by interest so it’s easy to hone in on a box to match your recipient’s interests or hobbies. Then, all you have to sign up and the box curators do the rest. Although they might take a low amount of effort, they are still incredibly thoughtful and will make you the holiday star. Since they are the gift that keeps on giving, the recipient will feel your generosity every time they receive it, not just at the holidays.

3. There’s no worrying if the gift you ordered will arrive to your house on time for wrapping. Shipping deadlines are getting really close to the cut-off (some have likely passed already!) so subscription boxes are great because you don’t even have to think about calculating shipping time.

4. You don’t have to even think about if a store will be open, or what their safety protocols are right now. There’s no need to shop in person or step your foot in any stores. You can safely purchase subscription boxes right from the comfort of your own home.

5. No wrapping involved! If you don’t like wrapping or maybe haven’t perfected your form (haha) then subscription boxes let you off the hook. The box curators will neatly and lovingly package up the boxes each month for gift-worthy openings by your recipient. And they’ll never know that your wrapping could use some work. 😉

6. I know there are many last minute options like Amazon (obviously), but this is a last minute way that you can support local and small businesses without the aforementioned worry about shipping times or having to go to a store. Many boxes are small businesses themselves and include products that are also made by small businesses or artisans.

Here are some of our favorite options for gifting. And be sure to check out our holiday gift guide (here) for even more inspiration!

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