Naturally Crated Review Fall 2019

Naturally Crated is a natural, organic & eco-friendly subscription box for living a life inspired. They know you spend a lot of time making conscious decisions for your family. They take the stress out of those decisions by offering a quarterly crate specifically curated with your lifestyle in mind. Their products range from grass-fed goat’s milk soaps & pure essential oils to organic throw pillows and fair trade hot cocoa.

As a member, you’ll be introduced to natural, organic, and eco-friendly products without all the research and label reading. Each item they carry is hand-selected from trusted and reputable conscious brands to give you confidence in every crate.

Additionally, Naturally Crated recently won the 2019 US Award for “Best Eco-Friendly Box” from A Year of Boxes.

A single crate comes fully curated with items valued at approximately $100 or more retail. You will also receive a crate insert with each shipment, that will help you use your crate contents to their full potential. Naturally Crated is $75 per shipment plus shipping.

All of the items included are natural-minded and are coded so members can be quickly informed about the conscious factors for each one. I’ve included the codes with each item below. The key is as follows: O=Organic; N=Natural; E=Eco-Friendly; V=Vegan; GF=Gluten Free; US=American Made; SB=Small Business; HC=Handcrafted

The Fall Crate Details ($109.50 total value)

Welcome to your fall bathroom crate! This crate is full of items to help you “green” your bathroom or inspire your current routines.

I’m really excited about this season’s box theme! When “green-ify-ing” your home I feel like the bathroom can be one of the tougher rooms to clean up since there are SO many items, but is one of the most necessary rooms to overhaul based on the fact that conventional personal care items can be chock full of toxins and these types of products are the ones most frequently used, often daily. So it’s wonderful to get a box full of goods to help transition your personal care routine to be cleaner.

Here’s a look at what’s in this season’s Naturally Crated:

Crate Insert

The insert that comes with this crate is also an informational tool so I thought it was worth calling out what it includes. Of course the insert breaks down the details of the items included but it also has helpful information for transitioning to a greener lifestyle. Since this crate is all about the bathroom and personal care items used there, the insert includes a list of chemicals of concern that can be found in these items. It breaks down what they can be labeled as, what products they are normally found in and what the concerns they cause are. Another page in the insert lists tips for achieving a non-toxic bathroom. The last page includes additional products Naturally Crated sells to round out your clean bathroom overhaul.

Nash Jones Clay Mask Trio ($36) N+E+US+SB+HC

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells, deep clean and unclog pores, lift dirt and blackheads, draw our impurities and tighten skin with these pampering masks.

Three new masks to try out?!? This is a fantastic surprise! I love masks and think they are one of the easiest treat-yourself tools there is. They are great because they are often formulated for all skin types and are a wonderful way to care for your skin. These dry clay masks are a great replacement for cleansing skin as they are only made with simple, natural ingredients and are packaged in beautiful glass jars. The set includes a Fossil Mask that is gentle for sensitive skin, a Kelp Mask that is a clarifying exfoliant for combination skin, and a Lava Mask that is a powerful pore-clearer for oily and acne prone skin. Not only are these great for your skin but they would look very pretty sitting on the counter, therefore making your bathroom look cleaner and greener too!

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush ($6) O+N+E+V+GF+US

We are including the greenest toothbrush on the market! This one is sustainably made from organic bamboo, plant-based bristles, and a completely compostable handle and packaging.

I actually use these toothbrushes already so it’s awesome to add another one to my stash. I like these because the sustainability of them is unmatched. The number of toothbrushes thrown to landfill each year is astounding so switching to one like this made with a bamboo handle cuts down on plastic waste. They of course don’t have all the bells and whistles that some plastic toothbrushes have, but they get the job done just as well. I find them to hold up well and for just as long as a plastic toothbrush would too.

Nelson Naturals Toothpaste ($12.50) N+E+V+GF+SB

No funny business here! This toothpaste is all about getting the job done with the cleanest ingredient list possible.

I’ve used this type of toothpaste before (the kind in a jar) but not this specific brand so I’m excited to try this one out. It might seem weird to scoop your toothpaste out of a jar but I assure you it’s not. You can dip your brush directly in the jar or use a small scoop. Packaging toothpaste in a glass jar like this is much less wasteful than the normal tube style since those can’t be readily recycled. I haven’t tried this yet to confirm, but there’s a chance the texture will be a little different with this toothpaste. I’m ok with that though because it’s got simple, clean ingredient list that’s intended to clean and whiten teeth naturally.

Loofah ($6) N+E+V+GF+SB+HC

These heirloom loofahs are sourced from a single-family farm that is using traditional growing methods. They are completely free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, and will expand when wet. Use in the tub or shower, to scrub veggies, or as a cleaning too! Just make sure you compost when it reaches the end of its useful life.

Loofahs are fantastic for skin exfoliation and this one is doubly fantastic because it’s completely plant-based and zero waste. It’s so natural I can even still see a few of the plant’s seeds inside. I guess I could get my own loofah plant growing if I wanted to! Anyway, I love that this is multi-use so is gentle enough for skin and tough enough for cleaning too. I will likely be using in the shower but now I’m curious about how well it works for cleaning so we’ll see! I don’t have a compost going yet, but I love that this can be composted when through with use.

Paper Storage Bags ($36) N+E+V+SB

Sustainably made from paper in Italy, this family business is revolutionizing the bag and organization industry! These paper bags can be used anywhere in the house, but we like them for holding makeup brushes, as a tissue box cover, a countertop organizer, planter, and so much more! You can cuff the sides up or down to fit your exact need! If you get crazy organizing and need more, our website has additional sizes. We even carry their purses, wallets, wine totes and more!

These are such a nice looking storage option, especially for a small bathroom or a bathroom with open shelving. They are the perfect neutral color and have a clean, minimalist look. The paper these are made of is coated so they are surprisingly sturdy and are able to be (hand) washed too. There were two sizes included: the large one is about 7 inches wide when filled and the smaller is about 4 inches. I like that you can cuff the sides to adjust to what items inside. I’m always in need of storage options and have plans for these already!

Toilet Cleaner ($13) N+E+V+GF+US+SB+HC

These handy little disks will do all the scrubbing work before you ever touch a sponge to them! Simply drop in the toilet and let fizz out completely before scrubbing. These can also be used in the tank. Make sure you immediately put these in a mason jar or other air-tight container and use within 3 months.

Scrubbing the toilet is one of the least fun jobs so I’m intrigued by the easy cleaning these promise to do. I’m guessing that a little scrub will still be necessary but it will be great if these do a majority of the work. I really like that they are made with simple, clean ingredients and are really low waste on their packaging – no plastic like most toilet cleaners are. There are about 8 disks in the package so these should easily last for several weeks.

Naturally Crated Review Fall 2019 – Final Thoughts

This was my first time receiving and reviewing the Naturally Crated box and I’m so impressed! From the packaging, to the thoughtfully included information, to the actual products themselves, this crate is really well-rounded. The sustainability concept of this box is right up my alley too and I love that this year’s theme is centered around green-ing different rooms in the home. Last season’s crate was the kitchen so I’m curious to see what room they do for the winter box. I also love that nearly all the brands and products were new to me so this box is a great way to discover unknowns. I will definitely be using all the products included in this season’s box, and that doesn’t always happen with every subscription box I get!

The Botanic Gal –

Naturally Crated

The Naturally Crated quarterly subscription box is the long awaited subscription box for those who seek out natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

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