Naturally Crated Review Winter 2019

Naturally Crated is a natural, organic & eco-friendly subscription box for living a life inspired. They know you spend a lot of time making conscious decisions for your family. They take the stress out of those decisions by offering a quarterly crate specifically curated with your lifestyle in mind. Their products range from grass-fed goat’s milk soaps & pure essential oils to organic throw pillows and fair trade hot cocoa.

As a member, you’ll be introduced to natural, organic, and eco-friendly products without all the research and label reading. Each item they carry is hand-selected from trusted and reputable conscious brands to give you confidence in every crate.

Additionally, Naturally Crated recently won the 2019 US award for “Best Eco-Friendly Box” from A Year of Boxes. They kindly sent us this crate for review.

Naturally Crated comes fully curated with items valued at approximately $100 or more retail. You will also receive a crate insert with each shipment, that will help you use your crate contents to their full potential. Crates are $75 per shipment plus shipping.

All of the items included in Naturally Crated are natural-minded and are coded so members can be quickly informed about the conscious factors for each one. I’ve included the codes with each item below. The key is as follows: O=Organic; N=Natural; E=Eco-Friendly; V=Vegan; GF=Gluten Free; US=American Made; SB=Small Business; HC=Handcrafted

The Winter Crate Details ($107.67 total value)

“Welcome to your winter bedroom crate! This crate is full of items to help you “green” your bedroom or inspire your current routines.”

I had been trying to guess which room would be next for the “room-by-room: green” theme and I’m excited to see it’s the bedroom! I feel like it’s a place that should hold space for peace, relaxation and recharging and the contents of this box will undoubtedly help with that. Coincidentally, the season we are in is one of calming and recharging too so it’s the bedroom theme comes at perfect timing too.

Here’s a look at what’s in this season’s Naturally Crated:

Crate Insert

Naturally Crated always has such an informative and useful insert. Of course it gives product and product pricing information, but it has so much more too. It’s kind of like a mini magazine – fun! This season’s insert includes a very useful and helpful list of calming bedtime affirmations that you can clip and keep on your nightstand to read before heading to sleep. I am so doing this as I find the statements inspiring and helpful. On another page there is also instructions on how to make a handmade reed diffuser. I’m inspired to do this DIY too. It seems easy and fun. Another page includes a list of ways to achieve a non-toxic bedroom and is a handy sort of checklist with information on why you might want to make some swaps. The last page includes a few images and product recommendations for additional items you might want for your bedroom space beyond what was included in the box. All such helpful info!

Eternal Returns Candle Company Beeswax Candle ($24)

N + E + US + SB + HC

“Sustainably made in Tennessee, these beeswax candles are sure to warm any room! We love the clean and relaxing scent of lavender and that they are in beautiful recycled glass bottles!”

Oh my! This candle smells divine! I love, love, love lavender and this candle captures the scent to perfection. It’s relaxing, fresh, and clean. It’s made of beeswax which provides the cleanest burn of any candle option. It releases negative ions into the air which neutralize pollutants and purifies the air. The other thing I like about this candle is that it’s produced in really pretty recycled jars so it reduces waste too. I’ve never owned a beeswax candle before so I’m really excited to try one out now. This would be perfect for any room in the house (and I might have to get one for each!) but is especially nice for the bedroom to promote peaceful and restful sleep.

Bibol Bamboo Mug ($32.99)

O + N + E + V + GF + US

“This sustainable and fair trade bamboo mug is made in Vietnam using traditional techniques that don’t require any glue. Bamboo strips are hammered into forms, using a keystone for structure. They are then soaked and hand-planed using a process of cashew resin and water, and finished with twelve layers of environmentally friendly and solvent-free color. Bamboo is super insulating and finished with a cork lid. Use as a beside water cup, safe place to keep jewelry after removing at night, or as a coffee or tea mug. Other creative uses outside of the bedroom include storing spices, transporting hot lunches, and organizing.”

I wasn’t sure what this was when I first open the box so the information on the insert came in handy. It of course has many uses but is made to use as a mug or cup. It’s really lightweight and I love the simple design. I like the cork lid that I’d think would help keep heat in to keep your beverage warm. I would likely use this as a trinket holder but I’m so curious about using it as a tea cup too. Because of the lightweight nature it’s hard to imagine it keeping a beverage warm but I guess bamboo is really insulating. I’ve learned something new from this box! I really like (and also can’t understand) how it’ made using no glues, very fascinating. This is a beautifully and eco-friendly crafted piece.

Ivory & Iron Linen Spray ($8)

N+E+ US + SB + HC

“This spray comes with a light and clean scent that focuses on truly deodorizing. Spray on linens to freshen them before bed. It can also be used on drapes, rugs or any other fabric.”

It wouldn’t be right to have a bedroom themed crate and not include a linen spray so this item is spot on. It’s a spray that can be used on any fabrics or even as a room spray but is especially nice to freshen up your sheets. It’s scent is citrus and eucalyptus and it smells really cool and refreshing. It would be a nice way to start the day before making the bed.

Chocolate Chip Yes Bar ($2.99)

N+ V +GF+ US + SB + HC

“Indulge by putting a chocolate on your pillow at turn down. This is a fully vegan and grain free take on the classic chocolate chip cookie!”

Such a fun twist from the standard turn down chocolates. This bar is made with 15g of nuts including almonds, macadamias and pecans along with dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and more yummy goodness. It has 5g of protein and is a great snack to keep hunger at bay. It sounds like a healthy, delicious treat for when you’re craving something sweet and I can’t wait to try it.

Seattle Seed Co. Lavender Sachet ($4.96)

O + N + E + US + SB + HC

“Tucked in a drawer or closet, this lovely organic lavender sachet releases its famous calming scent. Lavender is especially nice for sleepwear, since it helps to relax the mind.”

Did I mention I love lavender?? It’s just so soothing! This sachet is perfect for popping in a dresser drawer to keep things fresh or even just to put on your nightstand to freshen the air. You could of course use lavender buds for many things but since it comes in such a pretty little bag with a sweet lavender moon print on the front it just seems made for the sachet use. I’ll be finding a drawer to place this in right away.

Queen Bee Creme A La Rose Eye Cream ($35)

N + E + GF + US + SB + HC

“A delightfully rich cream for dehydrated and tired skin. This is made from organic and local ingredients in Maui. We love this as a night cream for eyes, but we won’t hold you back if you want to use it on your entire face before going to bed!”

This cream sounds so soothing! It’s suggested to use on all facial skin but does sound particularly nice for the under eye area. It’s made with shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and carrot oil to hydrate dry skin. It smells of roses thanks to the rose distillate, and rose geranium ingredients and is lightly tinted pink from natural alkanet root so it looks pretty too. It’s a pretty light cream that absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling so I’d think this could be used day or night.

Naturally Crated Review Winter 2019 – Final Thoughts

Naturally Crated just really impresses me each time! There isn’t one item I’m not excited about. Everything is so thoughtfully collected and put together for this season and just makes me want to cozy up and get into bed right now. I wasn’t subscribed for the whole year of the “room-greening” boxes but I’m glad I scooped up a few of them because they were so fun and useful and even educational. This bedroom box was particularly great and I’m hoping the new year of boxes comes with equally good themes and products to discover. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this spring has to offer!

The Botanic Gal –

Naturally Crated

The Naturally Crated quarterly subscription box is the long awaited subscription box for those who seek out natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

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