Five Reasons You Should Gift Yourself a Subscription Box

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner so I’m sure you’ve been thinking about and/or have already planned and purchased what gifts to get for all the special people in your life, but did you remember to include yourself on that list of people you love? I’m a firm believer in self-love and treating yourself to things that make you happy so giving yourself gifts occasionally (or often, you do you) only makes total sense to me. All of us here at A Year of Boxes of course think that subscription boxes make the best presents to gift ourselves for many reasons, but here are our top 5 reasons why!

Reason 1

Even though you ultimately pick out the box you want to subscribe to based on the theme you like, the contents are always a surprise so it feels as if someone else who knows you well has sent you a gift each month even though it’s a To: me, From: me situation.

Reason 2

You’ll receive high value items such as beauty, fashion, jewelry, health and home items at a fraction of the cost so it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to quality and/or fancy things while staying on budget.

Reason 3

The amount of thoughtfulness and care that goes into theming, designing, choosing items and packaging each box can really make the experience feel personalized and special, much more so than your typical shopping online experience, so you’ll truly feel taken care of.

Reason 4

The contents of each box can bring you inspiration and reminders for self-care, which in the end is the very best gift you can give yourself. Each month as a new box arrives it will bring a reminder of your self-love and it’s included contents will provide tools that you can apply to self-care rituals. Whether it be a piece of jewelry or clothing to inspire trying a new look that builds confidence, some skincare that inspires taking moments to tend to your skin, a book that reminds you to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments, or a healthy snack that reminds you to focus on your wellbeing – you can find so much inspiration among all the different kinds of items sent!

Reason 5

You know you’ll love the gift! There’s no pressure, no ill fits, no need to do returns, etc. because you picked it out and know you’ll love the type of items sent. It’s easy peasy, very set it and forget it. Each month when your new “gift” arrives you’ll be surprised and overjoyed all over again at your own thoughtfulness and how much you love what you got yourself. This can only lead to more overall happiness, I’m sure!

Here are a handful of boxes that we totally think you should go on and gift yourself with!

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