Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

My last blog post was all about the kids and helping them stay motivated and have a more interesting school year with subscription boxes since things are anything but normal at the moment. But, what about all the parents and caretakers out there?! Virtual learning (whether it’s full or part time) while simultaneously working from home and somehow still trying to manage household tasks and fit in sleep and a little me time somewhere has got to be draining. If you’re just trying to get through the days and it’s become a monotony, then maybe a subscription box could come to your rescue (or at least give you a little bright spot in your month)!

Subscription boxes take many forms and while some are just simply fun or frivolous, many are downright useful and helpful tools. I’m guessing you all could use a little help right now so read on for 6 types of subscription boxes that can lend a hand when you can’t find enough hours in the day or help you with a mood boost when you’re short on patience and energy.

1. Snack Boxes: Kids always want snacks. I mean, let’s face it, adults like snacking too. We all love snacking and need quick and convenient options when time is tight. Plus with the kids at home full time, there are a ton more snacking opportunities and needs. Many boxes send a variety of snacks each month so that your pantry can be stocked with interesting and new choices so you don’t have to hear, “Ew, not that snack again.” one more time.

2. Meal Boxes: I’ve done a whole post on meal subscriptions recently that you can read “here”, but thought these type of boxes were essential for including on this list too. Meal time can get so hectic and after a long and busy day whipping up a gourmet meal is likely the last thing you want to do. Meal subscriptions send you fully prepared meals or a recipe with fully prepped ingredients that will take minimal time to pull together. You can often choose the meals you’re receiving too so everyone in the family will love it. Choosing meals can even be a fun way for everyone to have input in the planning process!

3. Clothing Boxes: Just because everything is basically done via Zoom these days doesn’t mean clothing isn’t still a necessity. There are two reasons why clothing subscriptions are really helpful – One, no one has time to shop these days and if we did, it’s harder to go anywhere to do so; and two, wearing the same thing every day can get old and a mix up can be good for the mind. There are options for both kids and adults and some operate on the model that you keep what you like and return what you don’t. A total time saver to have a personal shopper.

4. Work Space Boxes: Working from home full time is a big adjustment and can be hard to do in a makeshift office. If you are used to your personal space at the office these boxes can help enliven the little corner of home you’ve carved out for your desk and inspire you to work rather than make you dread it. They send along office supplies, decor, tech, productivity and even career tools to keep you motivated.

5. Self Care Boxes: These are a complete necessity amidst the chaos of this year. It’s imperative that you take at least a few minutes a day to do something nice and caring for yourself and these boxes send that self care straight to you. That way you don’t even have to think about or shop for that face mask or calming tea, but can just sit back and enjoy. Plus the surprise element of the box showing up on your doorstep each month brings happiness!

6. Wine Boxes: Do I even need to say why these might be helpful? After a long week a quiet wind down with a glass of Pinot might just give you the zen you need to forget about the wildness of the week and tackle the weekend ahead. These boxes take all the guesswork out of picking from the hundreds of choices and deliver them right to your door.

I could probably keep going with this list, but I’ll cap it at these 6 categories since I think they are most helpful. Here are some examples from each category to get you started on easing the burden of your busy lifestyle!

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